MyFunLife New Compensation Plan

MyFunLIFE Compensation Plan Enhancements


Depending on when you’re watching this it could be only a possible scenario or already put in to place.

In this scenario a new member would pay $200 to become a MyFunLIFE affiliate plus their first month of membership of $50.

The sponsor would make a $100 Training Bonus for each member they sponsor. 3 people would net them $300 covering their cost and more.

The term “Training Bonus” was one I coined to explain that one has an obligation to help those that they sponsor rather than “recruit” them and not give them the support they need.

I don’t know about you but I like to be able to make a fast paycheck and keep them coming while I’m building my business and training my team.

Here is how it was explained to me at first:

“When someone signs someone up for the $200 plus their first month of membership at $50 the personal sponsor would get $100 one time, and then $2 a month, so we have the big cash up front while your building your matrix which is supped to take time anyways to build. People love to work for something so giving them that ability to “WORK” it and also make some great money is a win win!”

Plus we added enough at the top two levels so all you have to do to get your monthly $50 is get three who get three 12 people total plus you get $100 on every personal. And we will still have the 50% check match while also changing the coded bonus to generational overrides so you earn depending on your “RANK” plus we are going to implement company profit sharing pools so you can earn a % of the monthly earnings of MFL. Pretty cool!

Plus we have a whole new front and back redesign, all new videos focusing on products and vision and mission, plus new capture page videos with a whole new sales funnel. along with added ranks and cool bonuses plus we are working on in hand products.

Keep in mind that at the time of this video this was only a hypothetical scenario. (OR NOT)


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MyFunLife App Launches – Jay Bartels

My Fun Life Travel App Launches

MyFunLife announced their first Mobile app is live and ahead of schedule on Christmas Eve 2013. The My Fun Life Travel app combines a mobile media suite along with a business center and much more.

Here is the release video.
See all the exciting details here.

My Fun Life App Training Team and Downline Builder

This an introduction to our team at My Fun Life as well as a complete overview of the MyFunLife back office, compensation and travel products.

Jay Bartels ,DJ Rawls and “Team Legacy” have partnered in this amazing Venture in order to put hundreds and eventually thousands of people in your downline making you money without you having to sponsor or recruit a ton of people.

Get started for free or if you like making serious money then believe it or not you get the entire system along with top notch team training along with incredible travel deals.

Team up with today and get started with Your Fun Life.

Looking Forward to having fun, making money, and changing lives with you.

“Team Legacy”


MyFunLife App

What Is The MyFunLIFE Travel App?

With the economy in such a bad state many people are looking towards the Internet to create an income stream. The top earners are focusing on the mobile app and mobile phone industries.

Add that to the need for people to still vacation no matter what the economy dictates MyFunLife has pioneered a combination of mobile phone apps along with the Travel and soon Health and wellness markets.

I’m going to show you a very short trailer followed by an inside look at the what the My Fun Life app will be able to do when it launches in the upcoming weeks.